Encore DCS 24th Annual

Grand Finals 2021

Charleston, South Carolina

July 13-17, 2021

Grand Finals

Charleston SC Area Conventon Center
July 13-17, 2021
Tentative Schedule - subject to change!

Tuesday, July 13
Livestream will be available in Exhibit Hall B all week at www.livestream.com/encoresouth
Opening Number Rehearsal
Rehearsal will tentatively start at 9:AM and will be divided by age division, starting with Seniors. Exact times for each age group will be announced with the final schedule. The following regional winners are invited to perform in the Opening Number:
Recreational DIvision 1st overall Solos and Super Solos
Competitive Division 1st and 2nd Overall Solos and Super Solos
Elite Division 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Solos and Super Solos
All Title Winners from 2021 regionals
2021 Dream Team Members
For any studios that do not have eligible participants, we invite you to nominate 1 student for every 10 solos that are competing at Nationals
Wednesday, July 14
Performing Arts Center
Teen and Senior Solos
Mini, Petite and Junior Title Competition
Teen and Senior Title Competition
Exhibit Hall
Mini, Petite and Junior Solo Competition
Thursday, July 15
Exhibit Hall
Recreational Duet/Trio and Group Competition
Awards Ceremony and announcement of recreational groups to re-compete in the Standing Ovation Championship
Convention Classes (see tentative schedule below)
Recreational Division Standing Ovation Championship age 11 & Under
Recreational Division Standing Ovation Championship age 12 & Over
Ballrooms - Convention Classes (limited spots available) A limited number of observer bands will be available in each room for $25.
*Scholarships from classes will be announced at the beginning of competitive group awards on Friday and can also be viewed on livestream!
Mini/Petite (8 & Under) Junior (9-11) Teen (12-14) Senior (15 & Up)
3:00 PM - 3:55 PMContemporary Musical Theatre Hip Hop Tap<
4:00 PM - 4:55 PMMusical Theatre Contemporary
Tap Hip Hop
5:00 PM - 5:55 PMTap Hip Hop Musical Theater
6:00 PM - 6:55 PMHip Hop Tap Contemporary
Musical Theatre >
Friday, July 16
* All photogenic headshots must be turned in at registration by Friday at 12:00 PM
Exhibit Hall
Competitive Division Duet/Trio and Group Competition
Awards Ceremony, Scholarship presentation from classes, and announcement of Competitive group routines to re-compete in the Standing Ovation Championship
Competitive Division Standing Ovation Championship age 11 & Under
Competitive Division Standing Ovation Championship age 12 & Over
Saturday, July 17
Exhibit Hall
Elite Duet/Trio and Group Competition
Awards Ceremony, Cover Model and Photogenic Awards, and the announcement of Elite Routines that will re-compete in the Standing Ovation Championship
Elite Standing Ovation Championship age 11 & Under
Elite Division Standing Ovation Championship age 12 & Over
Please visit the Competition Information link on the Grand Finals section of our website for more details and other important information! Times listed are tentative and students should be prepared to compete up to 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled time. Each studio will be assigned a “meeting space” to gather for warming up for one hour prior to the start of your group session. You will not be able to enter your dressing room until the previous group session ends to ensure there is plenty of time for us to sanitize the space.
Please visit the Encore Competition Information section on the Grand Finals section of our website for more information

Grand Finals





 Grand Finals is being held in the Charleston Area Convention Center, NOT the adjacent Performing Arts Center as originally planned. The Exhibit Halls we have reserved for competition (with a 40x60 stage) and dressing room space are over 24,000 square feet each.  Each Exhibit Hall has a traditional capacity of 3500 seats theatre style, but we are capping this at less than 10 percent capacity and will offer 225 seats spaced 6 feet apart to adhere to social distancing recommendations (see photo below.)  TV’s will be available in the dressing room and in other alternate areas on the property for others to watch on livestream. 

Concessions will not be available inside the facility, but food trucks will be available outside for your convenience. 

The Convention Center is now requiring face coverings for all spectators.  Dancers will not be required to wear masks when they are performing on stage or when they are taking convention classes, but everyone should be prepared to wear a mask at all other times throughout the entire facility.

As always, we offer free livestream of all performances! We invite and encourage family and friends to watch online, especially the elderly, high risk individuals or those with underlying health conditions. Visit www.livestream.com/encoresouth to view the competition all week.  Ballroom AB competition on Wednesday can be viewed at www.livestream.com/hdz!   If you have a fever, cough, or feel ill please stay home and watch the event online!

Competition Guidelines:

Solo Competition will compete as normal in Exhibit Hall B and Ballroom A/B with smaller sections of competition followed by awards for each section.  The schedule has been strategically planned to allow a limited number of students in each section, therefore allowing for a smaller number of possible spectators.  All soloists will be invited on stage for awards during their respective session.  If a student is not comfortable being on stage for awards they can pick up their award backstage following the ceremony.

Duet/Trio and Group Competition each day will be separated into sections and each section will have a limited number of studios in the Exhibit Hall at a time.   The schedule has been done strategically to limit the number of students competing in each section.  Seating in the Hall will be sectioned off by studio and we ask that you sit in the section assigned to your studio.   We will not issue spectator bands for this section of competition but kindly ask that parents and friends only be in the Hall when necessary to watch your children.  After your student has performed please exit the Hall and allow another family to watch their child.  Again, TV’s will be available in the dressing room and in other alternate areas on the property for viewing livestream.

For Duet/Trio and Group competition, dressing room space will be assigned and each studio will have a designated area.  We ask that only one adult accompany each child in the dressing room, with no additional siblings or friends.  If possible, we encourage students over the age of 12 to help each other with quick changes so we can limit the number of people in the dressing room. 

For Duet/Trio and Group Awards ceremonies, we kindly ask that teachers nominate no more than 4 representatives on stage at one time to receive awards.  We feel you can rotate the awards recipients throughout the week so that many of your students will be able to take part at some point. As a reminder only 225 seats will be available in the audience. Please encourage your other dancers and spectators to watch Award Ceremonies on livestream. 

Our backstage staff will wear masks at all times and will wear gloves during awards ceremonies.

Props can be assembled and stored in Exhibit Hall A throughout the week.  Please note that air conditioning is limited in this space.

Standing Ovation Championship Guidelines:

The Standing Ovation Championship will be held in all three levels and now recognizes winners in two age divisions for each level (11 & Under and 12 & Over.) Judges will select up to 10 of the highest scoring age 11 & Under routines and 10 age 12 & Over routines in each level that they would like to see in an Encore performance. These routines will re-compete for large cash prizes! (The number of routines is subject to change based on the number of entries received in each level.)   The winner will be selected based on entertainment value, star quality, technique and overall appeal discussed among the judges' panel along with audience enthusiasm. Limit of one routine per studio for each age division and level. For example, a studio can have one age 11 competitive routine and one age 12 competitive routine, but cannot have two age 12 competitive routines. Productions are excluded from the Standing Ovation Championship. A Top production award will be given in each level during group award ceremonies.

Spectator guidelines for the Standing Ovation:

Routines that will re-compete in the Standing Ovation Championship will be announced at the end of the group awards ceremony for each level.  Because we are limited to a maximum of 225 spectators in the Exhibit Hall at a time, students will be limited to a certain number of family members and friends that can watch in the audience. The number of spectators per participant will be based on the total number of students in each section of the ovation.  For example, if there are a total of 75 students in the 11 and Under Recreational Ovation, each student will receive 3 spectator bands.  Bands will be available for pick up by teachers at the conclusion of each group awards ceremony and teachers can distribute to each family that is participating in this portion of the event. To comply with CDC guidelines and social distancing, the Exhibit Hall will have seating for 225 spectators spaced 6 feet apart.  TV’s will be available in the dressing room and in other alternate areas for others to watch on livestream.

Charleston Area Convention Center Space Diagram:

Stage – Exhibit Hall B            Dressing Room Space – Exhibit Hall C        Prop Storage – Exhibit Hall A

Additional Stage for Wednesday Solo competition – Ballroom AB

 Charleston Area Convention Center Space Diagram:

Stage – Exhibit Hall C                                                            Dressing Room Space – Exhibit Hall B

Additional Stage for Wednesday Solo competition – Ballroom AB


Example of seating diagram for Exhibit Hall:

Workshop classes:

Encourage your students to take our 4 workshop classes taught by the judges for a total price of $60. Four levels of classes are now available and are based on student age (Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior.) Observer bands will not be available for purchase for parents. Teachers will receive one observer band per room. Class size will be limited to ensure safety!  Please register by Friday, July 3!

Title Competition:

Please register for title in advance.  The deadline is Monday, July 6.  Soloists competing for title will compete their solos during solo competition for their age group on Wednesday. Overall Appeal and Showmanship scores determine title placement. On Wednesday, the Top 20 students in each age division will be announced, the Top 10 will be asked to improv on stage and the Top 5 will be asked an age appropriate on-stage question. Students should be prepared to improv in dancewear of their choice and the Top 5 will answer an on-stage question in dressy attire. (Formal wear is not required!) Title winners will be crowned following the title competition on Wednesday night!

The cost to compete for title is $50. As a reminder, there are two ways to compete for title at Encore DCS:

1) If a student competes only one solo AND enters the title competition, they will be eligible for Overall Solo and Title Winner.

2) If a student competes multiple solos AND enters one of them for title, their two highest scores will be averaged for Overall Super Solo and they will be eligible for Title Winner.

To register for Title:

Login to your account, choose "add/edit routines" and click "edit" beside the solo that will be competing for title. You will then select the check box for "Attend Solo Title."

Opening Number:

The Grand Finals Opening Number, choreographed by Chase Hudson, will be performed multiple times throughout the week. Participants will be charged a costume fee of $20. Performers should bring black bottoms such as booty shorts or leggings to wear during all performances.  Please enter student names and shirt sizes in your DanceComp Genie registration by choosing “Opening Number” as the entry type. The following students are invited to participate in the Opening Number:

1) All 1st, 2nd or 3rd place overall solos, super solos or Title winners from 2020 regionals

2) 2020 Dream Team Members
3) For studios that were unable to compete at a regional due to COVID-19 we invite you to nominate 1 student for every 10 solos that are competing at Nationals.

Grand Finals Photogenic and Cover Model Competition:

Students can submit one 8x10 headshot for our Grand Finals Photogenic competition. To register for photogenic, choose “Grand Finals Photogenic” as the entry type. Photos should be submitted at the event by Friday at Noon. The students name, studio name and age should be written clearly on the back of the photo. Photos will not be accepted via mail or email. A winner will be recognized in each age division (Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior.) Winners will receive a Custom Photo Frame and $50 Gift Certificate to any Encore DCS event. NEW this year: Students must enter the photogenic competition in order to be considered for Cover Model. All photos should be submitted to the registration desk by Friday at 12:00 Noon at the very latest.

Class of 2020 Senior recognition:

Graduating seniors should bring their graduation caps for a special senior recognition at select awards ceremonies! In addition, Encore DCS would love to recognize all of your graduating seniors in our program. Please email a photo of your choice with the student’s name and studio to encoredcs@gmail.com. In order to ensure your photos are received, please send each picture individually and place the students name and studio in the subject line! Photos must be received by June 26!


The Standing Ovation Championship

A group dance battle with CASH PRIZES awarded in all 3 levels!


  • Star-Studded opening number featuring overall soloists and title winners from Regionals!
  • 4 levels of Master Classes taught by the judges with scholarships awarded in every class!
  • NEW Solo Title Competition and Awards Gala
  • Standing Ovation Championship with CASH PRIZES in all three levels!
  • Photogenic competition and selection of the new Encore DCS Cover Models!
  • Over $10,000 in cash prizes and scholarships!

Tuesday, July 13 through Saturday, July 17, 2021

Charleston Area Convention Center

5000 Coliseum Drive North Charleston, SC 29418