Encore DCS Dream Team 2024

Unique Dream Team Videos
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Dreamteam 2024 pic

Encore DCS is proud to offer an amazing opportunity for elite dancers to be cast in a one-of-a-kind promotional video and become a member of the Encore DCS Dream Team!

Students were selected at Encore Extreme and this January each dancer was choreographed, staged and featured in a video to create a new advertising campaign for Encore DCS. This opportunity gives up and coming stars the chance to taste what the world of entertainment has to offer with a “dream job” experience.

Professional lighting, staging, make-up, choreography and directing are just some of the many facets of this experience! The video features many styles of dance and is the perfect opportunity to showcase well rounded dancers.

Interested in becoming a member of the next Encore DCS Dream Team? A Dream Team VIP ticket will be awarded to a stand out student at Grand Finals. This ticket will give the winner a free Convention fee to Encore Extreme and guarantees their spot on the Dream Team. The remaining Dream Team members will be chosen at Encore Extreme each fall. Don't miss out on the Dream Team cutting edge experience only offered by Encore DCS!