March 11-13, 2022

Spartanburg, SC

299 N Church St
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Competition Information

Encore DCS General Event Information

Safety protocol, capacity limits, and mask mandates continue to vary by city.  Specific information for each city will be announced as soon as it is available.  At this time we plan to run our events with a traditional schedule.

We offer free livestream of all performances! We invite and encourage family and friends to watch online, especially the elderly, high-risk individuals or those with underlying health conditions.

All competition music should be uploaded to your Dance Comp Genie account prior to the event as music will not be collected at the venue.

Teachers must submit a signed waiver for each student before the studio is allowed to compete. 

Judges video critiques and scores will be uploaded to studio dance comp genie accounts within two days of the last day of competition.  Teachers will receive an email when critiques and scores are available online.

Dressing room space will be assigned and each studio will have a designated area.  We ask that only one adult per child is in the dressing room, with no additional siblings or friends.  If possible, we encourage students over the age of 12 to help each other with quick changes so we can limit the number of people in the dressing room.

Frequently Asked Questions

 When will my students perform?

 We make a custom schedule for every competition, but this is how typically run events:

If the event starts on Friday night, we typically start with Petite and/or Junior solos or Duet/trios.   On Saturday, we will complete Petite and Junior solo competition if needed, move to Petite and Junior Duet/Trios and then start with age 11&under group competition.  If time permits, we will start Teen and Senior Solos and/or Duet/Trios on Saturday evening.  Group competition and group awards will continue on Sunday.  A tentative outline of the schedule will be posted to our website two weeks prior to the event. A detailed schedule with performance times for each routine will be emailed to studio directors at least one week prior to the event.   Parents, please contact your studio director for questions about performance times.

 I have a quick costume change.  What should we do?

We do our best to allow at least four numbers for costume changes.  Please see the stage manager during the event if an issue arises.  If you have a special request that needs to be handled prior to the event, please email  Unless arranged ahead of time, routines that are not performed within three numbers of the scheduled order are subject to a 5 point deduction.

Do you accept independent dancers?

We do not accept independent dancers.  All dancers must be registered under a studio name and we require a minimum of TWO participating students from each studio.  Due to COVID-19 we will temporarily excuse the rule regarding two dancers, however individual entries must still be supported by a studio.

Which levels should my students enter?

Recreational: For those students who participate in dance class and/or extra rehearsals up to 3 hours per week. Students in more than 5 duet/trio or group routines cannot enter a Recreational Solo and must move to competitive for a solo.  Recreational duet/trio and group routines cannot contain Elite soloists. (This rule does not apply to productions.)  Recreational dancers cannot compete more than one solo. 

Competitive: For students that participate in class and/or extra rehearsals for 3-6 hours per week. 

Elite:  Our Elite division is for Junior, Teen and Senior students who participate in class and extra rehearsals for more than 6 hours a week. Elite dancers are the only dancers eligible to receive our Prestigious “Mic Drop” Award. 

Pro-Am: Any routine containing a professional or teacher must compete in the Pro-Am age division.

All Mini and Petite entries should be entered in the Recreational or Competitive Division.  Duet/Trios and Groups containing a combination of recreational, competitive, and elite dancers should be entered in the division in which the majority of the dancers fall.  Please use your best judgment and place students in the appropriate division. Any division changes must be made by teachers prior to the first day of competition.  Because dance competitions have no way of knowing how many hours a week a student trains, placement is ultimately left to the teacher’s discretion. 

What is a Super Solo?

Students in Competitive or Elite divisions who perform more than 1 solo (not including vocal or song and dance) are placed in our "Super Solo" Overall Awards.  The highest two solo scores for each Super Solo are averaged to determine the Super Solo score for overall placement.  ALL Super Soloists will be recognized with a special award.  Students performing only one solo per competition will be judged separately for overalls only and will compete for the Top Soloist in every age division. 

Do you have a Title competition?

 Soloists are eligible to compete for title at Encore DCS for an additional charge.  Regional Title scores are based on Showmanship and Overall Appeal and all genders are combined.   One title winner will be announced in each age division and each level.  Only one solo per student is eligible for Title competition.  All genders are combined at regionals.

“Solo Title Entry” must be checked on the registration form to compete for title.  Vocal entries are ineligible for Title. 

There are TWO ways to compete for Title:

1) If a student competes only one solo they would be eligible for Title Winner AND regular Overall Solo awards.

2) If a student competes multiple solos, they would be eligible for Title Winner (by selecting just one of their solos to compete for title) AND their top two scores would go into the running for Overall Super Solo.

 Can we take photos and videos from the audience?

Video recording and photography is not allowed when a videographer or photographer is contracted by ENCORE DCS. Thank you for complying with these rules and helping us protect teacher choreography.

How do I access Photos and Videos?

Encore DCS is excited to include photos and videos of each routine with entry fees.  Media will be available via digital download and/or email within five business days of the event.  Passwords for downloads will be provided to all teachers that have paid in full.  Teachers will be responsible for distributing the studio password to parents and students.  To locate media after the event, visit our website, choose the city you attended, and click on the link for Photo and Video. Video recording and photography is not allowed when a videographer or photographer is contracted by ENCORE DCS. Thank you for complying with these rules and helping us protect teacher choreography.

What should we do with props?

Each venue is different, but most locations have an area for trailer parking. Please see the stage manager when you arrive at the event for help with props and trailers. 

Are there assigned dressing rooms?

 Each studio will be assigned a dressing room based on the number, size, and type of entries. There is a designated Male Dressing room when space allows. 

Do you have a photogenic competition?

 We offer a photogenic competition at Nationals only.

Is there an admission fee to watch the competition?

 There is NO admission fee at the event.

 Does everyone receive an award?

Everyone that performs on the Encore stage receives an award. In addition to recognizing 1st-5th place in each category, every routine is recognized with a Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or “Mic Drop” placement. Please see the awards section of our website for the full list of awards and prizes.

Grand Finals Opening Number participation:

The following students are invited to participate in the Opening Number at Grand Finals:

  • Elite Division 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Overall Solos and Super Solos
  • All Elite level Title Winners from 2022 regionals
  • 2022 Dream Team Members

For complete rules, regulations, and awards information please visit the respective pages on the website.



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